Christine Mikhael, '17

B.S. in Psychology, B.A. in Spanish

How was your faith affected during your time at Grove City College? Did you seen a connection between faith and learning in your classrooms?
My faith has been integral to my experience at Grove City College. I have led and been involved in a number of Bible studies. Some were led by students, and others were led by professors and their spouses, and some by women in the community. As a psychology major, my professors made clear the connection between faith and psychology and encouraged discussions on how our faith guided what we were learning. In student groups I am involved with, such as SEAD (Students Excited About Diversity), we discuss how God and our faith inform our understanding of topics relating to race and ethnicity. Grove City College truly provided me an environment where faith was central to both my personal and academic life, which provided tremendous growth in my life.

What are relationships like between professors and students?
My favorite part of my Grove City College experience was the relationships with professors. Between two to three times a week, I was in different professors’ offices discussing topics pertaining to class, exploring topics with which I am interested, or simply hearing different professors’ perspectives on current issues. I am very fortunate to have had professors teach me to think critically about many issues and have provided me the tools to approach difficult but necessary conversations. The relationships I have had the opportunity to build with professors are truly a unique aspect of this campus that has been very life-giving to me.

Share about an experience or an extra-curricular group or activity and how it impacted you.
I was involved with the student group SEAD (Students Excited About Diversity) for four years. SEAD seeks to provide a safe and inviting atmosphere in which all students may engage in communal reflection and reconciliation on matters concerning race, ethnicity, and culture. This group is a close-knit community of friends for many students on campus, including myself. I learned God’s heart for culture and how better to engage in topics relating to race, ethnicity, and culture. I was also involved with the Journal of Law and Public Policy. Working on the journal executive staff has taught me familiarity with how law journals function and has prepared me better for law school.

Why did you study pre-law?
I chose to study pre-law because of my personal experience. I am very aware that I have been afforded the unique opportunity to pursue a life of academic excellence without fear of violence or discrimination. As a result, it is my desire to pursue a career in law to serve those whose experiences could easily have been my own and who do not experience the same freedoms. Professors, faculty, and President McNulty have provided me immense support and guidance as I navigated the pre-law route. Without their guidance and support, I would have greatly struggled. I am very grateful for the time they took out of their days to help me. 

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