Frank Ayers, '17

Admissions Counselor; Dual Enrollment Coordinator
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Frank Ayers, '17

The search for the right college can be as much, if not more of, an exploration of self as it is of anything else. You may be surprised at the things you learn about yourself and the direction you are headed while you undergo this search. This journey of self-discovery doesn’t end when you decide on a college. The years you spend in the college of your choice are so formative and so important.

In my own four years at Grove City College, I experienced many joys as well as many trials. Through all of it, God was faithful and He provided, and the most impactful way in which He provided to me was the community which I had chosen to spend these important years of my life in. The many faculty, staff, and peers I had the pleasure of building relationships with influenced my life in many ways, from small and practical ways to larger, more serious spiritual matters. I saw myself grow and develop in ways I never would have thought possible. The passionate community here is truly unique, and that is something that will be clear to you from your first campus visit. That community is something, should you decide Grove City College is right for you, that you can carry with you the rest of your life after graduation.

As an admissions counselor, I am excited to have the opportunity serve you in any way that I am able as you investigate Grove City College and determine if this is where God is calling you to be cultivated in mind and spirit. I’ll be here to get to know you and answer your questions as you consider God’s calling for you at this important crossroads in your life’s journey.

About Me
I grew up in Grove City and graduated from Grove City College in May 2017 with a B.A. in psychology. My time at Grove City College provided me with more than I could have ever anticipated or asked for. Through my service as a resident assistant, my involvement in a fraternity, fascinating courses and helpful professors, and the many friendships I was blessed with, I have so many wonderful memories of my time as a student and was prepared for life after graduation in so many important ways.

Favorite College Memory
I decided to join a fraternity sophomore year, and I remember the feeling of love, acceptance, and celebration when I received my invitation to be part of the brotherhood. I believe that it was the best decision I made in my college career, one that led to so many friendships and opportunities for personal growth, and one that will be a continuing blessing as an alumnus of that brotherhood.

Favorite Scripture Passage
John 15:13

Running, lifting, playing guitar, and traveling to new places