Sarah E. Berry

Assistant Professor of English
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Phone: 724-458-3301

Sarah E. Berry


  • Ph.D. English, University of Connecticut, 2018
  • M.A. English, Boston College, 2012
  • B.A. Baylor University, 2010 – University Scholars Program

My field is 20th and 21st century literature in English. I am especially interested in drama, poetics, and genre theory. My dissertation explored the formal and political implications of verse drama written in the 20th century.


  • Contemporary Literature
  • Literary Theory
  • European Literature
  • 20th Century English Novel

What is the most important piece of advice you give students to help them succeed? 
Reading and writing are embodied practices. In the classroom, I ask students to read aloud and even act out scenes from literature. But this extends beyond the classroom. I think you can train yourself to be a better reader by reading all literature—but especially poetry, aloud. This is because language engages us on multiple sensory levels. 

This goes for your own writing too. All too often, we think of academic work as a purely mental activity and give no consideration to where, when, and under what conditions we read, study, and write. But I think it’s important to figure out the circumstances in which you can do your best work and try to cultivate those circumstances whenever possible.

Selected Publications

  • “Marianne Moore’s Cabinets of Curiosity.” Journal of Modern Literature (Summer 2018).
  • “Rethinking Intertitles: The Voice and Temporality of Lyric Intertitles in The Cry of the Children.” Literature Film Quarterly (2014).
  • Rev. of Verse Drama in England, 1900-2015 by Irene Morra. Modern Drama (Spring 2018). 


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