Dale L. McIntyre

Professor of Mathematics
All FacultyMathematics

Contact Information
Phone: 724-458-2053
Email: dlmcintyre@gcc.edu

Dale L. McIntyre

• B.A., Houghton College
• M.S., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
• Ph.D., Clemson University; University of Pittsburgh

• Association of Christians in the Mathematical Sciences

Areas of Expertise
• Analysis
• Geometry

Courses Taught
• PreCalculus
• Business Calculus
• Calculus I-III
• Differential Equations
• Discrete Mathematics
• Linear Algebra
• Advanced Calculus
• College Geometry
• Complex Variables
• Abstract Algebra
• Classical Analysis
• Intermediate Analysis
• Mathematics Seminar

Selected Research
• Functional Analysis
• History of Mathematics

Selected Publications
• Reflections Upon the Relationship Between Mathematical and Biblical Truth
• The God-Fearing Life of Leonhard Euler
• The Heavens and the Scriptures in the Eyes of Johannes Kepler

• Family
• Church
• Young Earth Creation
• Campaigning
• Berry picking


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